Nothing is more important than staying healthy.

We are busy with all kinds of things that we face in our daily lives: doing the daily chores, meeting the expectations of others, taking responsibility for our family, taking care of them, the demands we make on ourselves, spending time on our status and hobbies, planning vacations and free time. In the process, we often forget that nothing is more important than staying healthy.

Staying healthy cannot be taken for granted

It is our most valuable asset. Because everything depends on how we feel – emotionally and physically. When we feel good, we can shape our own daily lives, take care of our families, achieve success at work, pursue our hobbies and recharge our batteries regularly, so that we are able to cope with difficult times. But for this to happen, there must be a certain balance between:

– Work and leisure

– Body and mind

– Pleasure and moderation

– Rest and exercise

– Activity and relaxation

– Striving for success and satisfaction

– Wanting and having

– Being aware of yourself and others

– Celebrating and reflecting

– Input and output etc.

A task that never ends

Throughout our lives we must try to find this balance, and this quest changes over time. For example, as we age, our health will take on a greater importance; it becomes less natural to have no symptoms and we must do more to stay healthy. There is much we can do ourselves: a healthy way of living and a positive attitude are a good basis. Living in a conscious manner has positive effects on our health – often into old age.

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