Have you ever wondered why vegetables, in particular, do not taste like much? Organic food seems to always taste better but why is that?

The problem with the food we eat today is that it is not grown to be nutritious but to sell well. Vegetables are engineered to survive diseases, look well, and grow fast. The compromise is that their nutritious value has dropped. Even if you have the same diet like the one that people had a century ago, you would get fewer nutrients from food because of how it is grown.

Organic foods are different from this perspective. What is considered organic is any food that is cultivated responsibly, using natural fertilizers, avoiding to use of pesticides, and ensuring that no additives are used.

This means that the plants grow at their natural rate and become more nutritious when fully mature. Organic foods are the only way to get all the nutrients the human body needs and have great-tasting produce.

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